Tuesday, June 13th


7:30am Registration/Information Opens


9:00am - 10:15am General Session

Good Morning!
Anne Marie Moebes, Publisher of Travel Market Report and Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA kick off the show and welcome everyone.

TED Talk
The 10 Year Travel Wallet
By Jeff Element, The President of The Travel Company
Details Coming Soon!

Featured Speaker
Opportunity Abounds – Go Grab Your Share
By Louise Gardiner, Senior Director, Associate Program Canada, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

With more baby boomers and millennials traveling, and both finding value in using travel consultants, there has never been a better time to be a travel agent. Louise will provide an uplifting look at the latest trends in our industry, and provide agents with insight into how developing their own personal brand and re-energizing their commitment to winning behaviors can expand their business in a marketplace where opportunity abounds.

10:15am- 10:45am  Break

10:45 - 11:30 am Break Out Seminars

Finance/ Operations Track

Plan to Succeed
by Mike Foster, President of Nexion Canada

In an industry filled with challenges and opportunities, the successful agent has a plan to serve clients an communicates that plan clearly to the marketplace! This session will help you to focus on the fundamental planning basics, including developing your business plan, training and marketing.

Marketing Track

Cross Marketing with Local Businesses
by Colleen Stephenson

Agents and others: Bring your creativity and enthusiasm to this dynamic brainstorming session designed to help you build sales through other businesses and organizations. After a brief presentation, Colleen Stephenson will facilitate an interactive dialogue for attendees to talk about the ways they build business partnerships, their successes – and near misses – and send you back to your office with at least three new ideas to implement immediately."

Professional Development

Using Photography to Effectively Market Travel
by Dan Galbraith, Owner of Details Group, A Canphoto Company

Visuals have a huge impact how people select their next travel destination.  Join professional photographer Dan Galbraith for this visual experience workshop to learn how to use photography in your marketing and how it can increase awareness for your business and generate more traffic. The session will include topics such as: how to use photography in your marketing materials, on your website and on social media. Dan will also share best practices for creating a library and storing your photos for easy reference and there will be time to learn how to take a perfect shot, every time! So make sure your cell phone is charged so you can participate in this interactive session.        

Sales Track

Win At Sales

by Scott Koepf, Vice President of Sales, Avoya Travel

Success in retail cruise and travel sales is determined by your ability to sell. As in sports, to be the best, the winners need to know the skills and the basics of the ‘game’. Join Scott as he simplifies the basics of what it takes to win in travel sales. Scott has trained thousands of travel agents around the world and has over 30 years’ experience selling travel and he will both entertain and educate you. The greatest athletes in every sport know that they have to have a coach, so don’t miss this championship session from The Sales Coach!

Specialty Track

Specialty Market- Wellness Track
Session details coming soon!

11:45am -12:30pm  Break Out Seminars

Finance/ Operations Track

A Review of the Independent Contractor/Outside Agent/Home Based Agent Agreement from "Both Sides of the Fence"
by Timothy Law, Partner at Crozier, Heifetz, Law

A review of the basic and controversial aspects of the relationship between the Travel Agency and its Independent Contractor/ Outside Agent/ Home Based Agents

Marketing Track

Modern Day Explorers Panel Discuss– What’s New in the Tour Industry
Moderated by Cheryl Rosen, Editor of Travel Market Report
Panelists: Jeff Element, President of TTC; Doug Patterson, President of Collette Canada;

Join leading Canadian and U.S. tour operators to discuss the latest trends in land vacations, emerging destinations, new services, and other topics that will help drive more sales through a well-educated agency channel. Panel members will share their thoughts about what lies ahead for 2017 and beyond, how to engage and retain today’s customer, and what makes a great travel agent and partner.

Professional Development Track
Details Coming Soon!

Sales Track

Marketing Magic for the Home Based Agent- Panel Discussion
Participant Details Coming Soon!

It is a noisy marketing world and there is no one magic bullet reaching a prospect/client.  Using many different marketing channels is key.  Learn how to use these channels to their fullest and spend your marketing dollars where they will have the greatest impact.  Discover how to integrate a multi-channel approach so that your reach as many prospects & customers as possible.  Knowing your ideal customer and customization of your marketing message is essential to success.

Specialty Market- Romance Track
Session details coming soon!

12:30 pm - 1:45pm Luncheon Sponsored by Marriott International
presented by Cynthia Perry

2:00pm-5:00pm General Session

Featured Speaker
Jason Montague, President & Chief Executive Officer, Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Details coming soon!

Panel Discussion
How to Be at the Top of Your Game
Moderated by Lynda Sinclair, Vice President Leisure Travel, Vision Travel Solutions
Panelists: Pam Dehaan, Trip Central; Dianne Jackson, Director of Travel and Retail Product, CAA

How to be and stay at the top of your game.  This panel will focus on the successful travel advisor and the attributes and qualities that contribute to their success.  this peer-to-peer learning session will highlight both the successes and failures of the panel, how to implement service fees and why they are critical, mentor-ships and how to align with a mentor, how to choose and work with partners and other nest practices that will help agents succeed in today's competitive environment.  

Featured Speaker
Details coming soon!

ACTA / Air Canada Awards Ceremony

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm  Marriott Reception and Trade Event

 Wednesday, June 14th

7:30 AM Registration/Information Opens

8:00 am - 9:00 am Breakfast
Sponsored by the Turkish Office of Culture & Tourism

Turkey abounds with tourism venues that have been attracting travelers for hundreds of years. Come and hear how Turkey’s rich and varied destinations offer your clients an opportunity to see great architecture, relax by the Mediterranean Sea, experience a timeless culture and history, and dine on tastes from the crossroads of Europe and the East.

9:00am – 10:00am  General Session

Featured Speaker
Session details coming soon!

Panel Discussion
Day in the Life of a Travel Agent
Moderator: Tony Fragapane, General Manager, Voyages Concierge Deluxe Travel
Panelists: Scot Koepf, Senior Vice President of Sales for Avoya Travel;

A distinguished group of travel agents will participate in a dynamic panel that addresses suppliers in an effort to educate them about the changing role of a travel agent and the various challenges and opportunities they face. The travel agent is the main distribution channel for a supplier, the more educated the supplier is the better equipped they are to provide the support and services they need. One of the main pieces of information a travel agent is looking for is what type of support agents can expect from the supplier and who to contact for a variety of issues that may arise. Other topics will include: how agents select suppliers to work with; how and when agents want to meet with their suppliers; how do suppliers build trust and respect and the best ways to grow sales with travel agents.

10:00 - 10:30am Coffee Break
Sponsored by the Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre

10:30 - 11:15am Break Out Seminars

Finance/ Operations Track
details coming soon!

Marketing Track

A Group Strategy that Actually Works
by Vanessa McGovern, EVP Business Development, Global Institute of Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE)

In this session you will learn how to successfully execute a joint venture group strategy that has yielded millions in sales for travel professionals.  Covering business to business group strategy, including how to find the right partner, how to perfect your pitch and how to confidently integrate this into your marketing strategy.

Professional Development Track

The Good Travel Advisor- How to Serve the Growing Market for Meaningful Travel
by Chelas Poirier, Membership Experience Manager, Tourism Cares

Research shows demand booming from travelers- especially Millennials, the Affluent, and Families- who want to give back to destinations they visit through volunteering and philanthropy.  But how do you tap into this growing market, and best guide your clients toward a satisfying and rewarding experience?  Learn how you can facilitate change and become a certified Good Travel Advisor and help travelers fulfill their desire to help those in need and make a difference- and help your business too!  At the completion of this session, agents will be able to complete the online Good Traveler Advisor certification at their leisure in about 20-30 minutes.

Sales Track

Selling the Cruise: What’s New in Sales and Marketing- Panel Discussion

Meet industry executives and learn what’s new and trending for each cruise line, including the latest itineraries, on-board experiences, excursions and offers. The session will also discuss new marketing strategies to: reach first time cruisers, attract millennial's and generations beyond and how to earn more with a cruise specialization.

Specialty Market

How You Can Help disabled Travelers and Your Business
By Jim Smith, Business Accelerator

With approximately 4 million Canadians facing a chronic disability, travel agents have a large opportunity to build a niche for their business.  Jim will educate attendees about how to differentiate themselves with the chronically disabled traveler market, deliver a better vacation experience, and add incremental value to their companies.

11:30 - 12:15am Break Out Seminars

Finance/ Operations Track

The Future CEO
Session Details Coming Soon!

Marketing Track

Social Media
Session Details Coming Soon!

Professional Development Track

Acquiring and Retaining Clients
by Nicki Upshaw, Senior Vice President, Sales, Oceania Cruises

Session Details Coming Soon!

Sales Track

How to Compete Effectively with All Distribution Channels

session details coming soon!

Specialty Market- Family/ Generational Track

Family Travel
by Rainer Jenss, President & Founder, Family Travel Association

According to Virtuoso, generational travel is one of the hottest trends in the coming years, and has been for the last couple.  Maybe you've worked with grandparents who are willing to foot the bill for a pricey vacation with all their children and grandkids.  Regardless of who's paying, do you know the drivers that made this niche a fast-growing segment in travel?  Are the grandparents, who often fund the trips, choosing the destination?  Or are millennials and younger generations convincing their parents and grandparents that bonding time is better done on the road?  Hear from the head of the Family Travel Association and what he sees as the keys to selling and being successful with this niche.  He'll reveal where to look to uncover incremental travel bookings from families, what makes this demand so challenging, and what's next for the industry's biggest trend.
The Takeaways:
1. identify key tools and resources to grow your family travel business
2. Learn how to work with your clients to create the perfect vacation

12:30pm - 2:00pm  Luncheon Sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line
presented by Camille Olivere

Norwegian is growing, launching a new ship this year and next year, and with four more on order. As we expand and diversify our portfolio,our travel partners have never been more important to helping explain and book our product, and contribute to Norwegian's success. This presentation will help educate agents on all of our great news and enhance our ability to grow together.


2:00pm - 4:00pm TRADE SHOW

4:0pm - 5:00pm General Session

Featured Speaker
Session Details Coming Soon!

Closing Remarks and Prize Drawings!

5:00pm-6:30pm  Closing Reception
Sponsored by Air Canada, Brand USA and The Travel Company

You won't want to miss this birthday celebration.  Air Canada is 75 years young, and Brand USA is joining in with all of us in throwing the airline a birthday bash that won't be forgotten.

"The speakers were excellent at motivating me and I gained tons of knowledge that will help me day to day, whether it is at work or at home."

Lilliana Carbone American Express Global Business Travel

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