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7:30am Registration/Information Opens

8:45am - 10:30am General Session

Let's Get you Apped Up! 
Sandra McLemore
, Travel Industry Expert, TV Personality & Travel MarketPlace Host

Travel Market Report Welcome
Geraldine Ree, Executive Director, Canada

ACTA Welcome
Wendy Paradis
, President of ACTA

Fire Side Chat Q&A
by Tom McAlpin, President and CEO of Virgin Voyages and Anne Marie Moebes, Executive Vice President, Publisher of Travel Market Report

Helping Travel Advisors (First Mates) Bring New Customers (Sailors) into the Industry!

Panel Discussion: Niche and Expedition Cruising
Moderator: Charles Sylvia,
 Vice President of Membership and Trade Relations, Cruise Lines International Association
Panelists: Edie Rodriguez, Americas Brand Chairman and Special Corporate Advisor for PONANT
Janet Bava, Chief Marketing Officer at AmaWaterways River Cruises
Niki Trudeau, Expedition Leader & Quark Academy Trainer
Roberto Castro, Senior Director, Marketing - Americas Silversea Cruises

10:45am- 11:30am  Break Out Rotation ONE

Niche Track

Family Travel Through the Generations
by Lisa Connell, Director Royal Caribbean International

Family travel is booming with the growing desire to share special family bonding moments and discover exciting destinations with our children.  Join Lisa Connell, Director Royal Caribbean Travel International and family travel experts as she maps out how to build your Family Travel business.  From qualifying your customers, growing your database, to building exciting promotions for Multi-Gen travelers, Lisa will cover everything you need to know to grow your Family Travel Sales and take advantage of this growing market!

Sales Track

How to Never Hear No Again!
by Jenn Lee, VP Travel Planners International

We like or buy what we understand. But more importantly, we like and buy from who understands us. If your client cares about the bottom line and you’re trying to wow them with an emotional experience – you’ve lost them. In this session, VP Sales and Marketing for Travel Planners International we’ll demonstrate how understanding the 4 basic personality types (BOLT) and tailoring your pitch and conversation to your clients’ needs ensures another “yes”. Once you understand what truly motivates them, you’ll close the deal every time. Really!

Marketing Track

A "Brand" New You 
by Ryan McElroy, CEO, Travel Agency Tribes

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in an ever more competitive space.
But what exactly does "branding" mean?
Join us as we delve into the world of both personal and professional branding. This session will inspire you to ignite your personal brand and revisit your business's brand promise. Now's the time to be consistent and strategic, ask yourself the tough questions, and build a brand that has a legion of loyal followers and brand advocates.

Marketing Track

Involvement & Engagement through Storytelling
by Mary Jane Hiebert, ACTA Board Chair & General Manager, Canada One Travel

Share your story & learn how to turn your story into a marketing pitch to attract new clients. Everyone loves a great story! Using your own experience and knowledge to create a memorable message can be pivotal in your career success! Mary Jane will share how using her story to engage with and become involved in the industry has shaped her pathway to success.

Sales Track

Clients For Life: Handling Customer Complaints 
by Lee Zanello, General Manager, Independent by Flight Centre

Complaints from clients are the least fun part of the work we do and often the least discussed. Confronting client complaints head on with a solid strategy is one of the best ways to turn a repeat client into an advocate for your business. How to be personal without taking things personally, this session looks at some tools you can use to manage almost any situation.

Operations Track

Travel Safe, Travel Smart with Global Affairs Canada
by Barbara Harvey, Global Affairs Canada

The number of Canadians traveling abroad has been steadily increasing, and the destinations to which they are traveling are far more diversified. Learn about how Global Affairs Canada delivers consular assistance and travel advice to Canadians traveling or living abroad, and how the department manages international crises.


Proctored by Maggie Santos, ACTA
-Certified Travel Counselor , Certified Travel Manager, BC Insurance and SK Insurance

11:45am- 12:30am  Break Out Rotation TWO

Sales Track

Increase River Cruise Sales with Social Media
by Janet Bava, Chief Marketing Officer, AMA Waterways

Join AmaWaterway’s CMO, Janet Bava, as she provides insights on how you can leverage new trends in Facebook and Instagram to grow your river cruise sales. With new features continuously being released, it’s important to keep up to date on how you can maximize your presence, engage with your existing clients & gain new ones. All attendees will be given access to AmaWaterway’s new social media tool kit which includes newly released images that have not been shared with the public. This exclusive access will allow you to provide your followers with a “first look” on their newest flagship, the AmaMagna. Come ready to learn new skills and possibly even create an “event” for your next group.

Marketing Track

The Voice of the Travel Advisor: Let Yourself Be Heard
by Dan McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief, Travel Market Report; Jessica Montevago, Editor, Travel Market Report, Lynn Elmhirst, Canadian Editor, Travel Market Report & Daine Taylor, Reporter, Travel Market Report

A panel of Travel Market Report editors will hold a lively discussion on issues that are important to travel agents—What do you call yourself? Why do you, or don’t you, charge fees? How can you foster trust with a supplier? Travel Market Report wants your feedback in order to help you raise issues that are important to the industry and challenge you everyday. Participate in this lively discussion, meet the TMR team, and let your voice be heard!

Marketing Track

Six Secrets To More Sales: How To Maximize Tourism Board Partnerships
by Amalia Meliti, Managing Director, Tourism, DCI

The world of destination marketing is shrouded in mystery to many travel advisors. In this session you’ll learn the most valuable benefits of working with tourism organizations and how to access the tools and resources destinations provide free of charge. Amalia Meliti, an industry veteran who has worked with tourism boards around the world, will introduce the session and Tahiti Specialist and Travel Advisor Carl Henderson, will then share his first-hand experience with Tahiti Tourism Canada and how tourism board partnerships have increased his sales. 

Niche Track

The Secret to Finding Groups
by Lorraine Simpson, CEO Concierge Travel Group

Group travel is the way to go when you are thinking of a travel specialty but finding a group isn’t easy. 
Group Travel Guru and Cityline TV Travel Expert  Lorraine Simpson will delve into how to maximize the power of your own networks, your connections and your interests to find ways of coming up with lucrative travel group ideas that will sell and repeat!
Lorraine will share her valuable tips on finding different niches and talk about how best to approach possible group leaders and Pied pipers. 
In this session you will learn how to find ways to not just create and build a group but to find a pied piper who will really help you to sell it.  

Performance Track

Growing Your Business with ICs and Employees (and everything in between) - Owner Manager Only
by Sandy Anderson, Riverdale Travel

With the ever changing evolution of travel advisors and agencies, how do we respond and keep a great team?
Do I get into or expand into the Independent Contractor world? How to I manage a team that has both employees and ICs.
I don’t want to be a mega host agency, or maybe I do? How to I attract Rock Star agents, add a Manager and still be profitable?
Join this Owner / Manager only session to learn strategies and best practices of Recruiting and Leading a team. Sandy is not only an expert, she’s walked a mile in your shoes by running, growing and eventually selling one of the largest and most successful agencies in the northern US.

Operations Track

Duty of Care - Whose Duty Is It Anyway?
by Timothy Law, Partner at the Firm of Heifetz, Crozier and Law

The “duty of care” to comply with the obligations imposed on you as a seller of travel services exists, regardless of the kind of travel services you sell. The nature of that duty of care does however change depending on the type of services you sell.  In this session we will look at the concept of the duty of care and examine how it applies in different circumstances in the sales channel.”


Proctored by Maggie Santos, ACTA
-Certified Travel Counselor , Certified Travel Manager, BC Insurance and SK Insurance

Luncheon, Sponsored by Marriott International and Globus family of brands

Sponsor Message:  Marriott International
Cynthia Perry
, Vice President, Marriott International

Tourism Cares
Adrienne Lee
, Director of Programs and Partnerships at Tourism Cares

2:00 pm - 3:00pm General Session

by Derek Lloyd,
Director, Norwegian Cruise Lines

One of the most influential books of the 1990’s, Boom, Bust & Echo, proposed what was a new concept at the time:  life stage is not the sole predictor of behavior, rather it’s a cohort’s formative experiences (as well as current social and economic conditions) are equally, if not more important.  While we all recognize the Boomers today as a major driving force in the travel business, are we ready for the generations that are coming?  The much maligned Millennial generation, who are now getting into their 40’s, and even Gen Zs, will soon have a major impact on our industry – are you ready in terms of how to you attract and keep these clients?  Join Derek Lloyd from Norwegian Cruise Line as he talks about what Cruise Lines are doing to prepare and market in their business, and what you can do to not only survive the upcoming demographic changes, but thrive!

TMR TALK:“How To Sell Pieces Of Ice The Size Of Your House”  
by Mark Dzerowycz, Director, Silversea

In this 15 minute tour-de-force, travel industry veteran, Mark Dzerowycz, will dispel the myths about up-selling to luxury;  Teach you how to overcome client objections; Show you how to create value for your clients; and share sales tips on how to close the sale, and make more money than you ever have before.

Panel Discussion: Social Media Outlook
Moderator: Geraldine Ree, Executive Director, Canada, Travel Market Report
Sandra McLemore, Travel Industry Expert & TV Host
Ryan McElroy, Chief Executive Officer, Travel Agency Tribes
Sandra Sundborg, Cruise Consultant, Expedia CruiseShipCenters

Results of the Pilot Program and Tips for Advisors!

3:00pm- 3:45pm  Break Out Rotation THREE

Sales Track

Creating Value When the Stakes are High
by Lara Walker, Manager Sales Programs, ECSC

When it comes to closing the sale and securing repeat business, the value you bring to your customer is just as important as the vacation experience itself. During this session, Lara Walker, Manager Sales Leadership at Expedia CruiseShipCenters, will discuss the importance of presenting the value versus the price.  Together, we will discuss how you can prepare yourself to add value when the stakes are high.  Leave this session with that breakthrough in your sales you’ve been looking for!

Marketing Track

The Ultimate Social Formula
by Sandra McLemore, Travel Industry Expert & Host

This session provides complete clarity for all advisors on Social Media strategy and the winning formula to build your audience, your email list and to convert your followers to bookings. If you're not making bookings as a direct result of yoru posts, this is a must attend session. Advisors will be able to implement this knowledge immediately into their business. This session will cover defining your audience, the 6 types of posts you can make and why you shouldn’t be making 4 of them, where to find images, how to lay out the perfect post, how to schedule a whole month of posts in less than one hour, and how to drive traffic to your website from social media. This is an interactive session and an online worksheet will be provided for you to work through in real time. This session has been viewed by over 4000 travel advisors and has raving 5 star reviews.

Niche Track

Sustainable Travel 101: A More Meaningful Way to Travel
by Adrienne Lee, Director Programs, Tourism Cares and Melissa Matlow, Campaign Director at World Animal Protection

There is a growing demand for Sustainable Travel.  Two-thirds of tourists are willing to pay more for sustainable brands that showed a commitment to social and environmental values and this goes up to 70% + for Millennials and Gen Z.  Learn more about Sustainable Travel, the trends, and customer bases including opportunities for family travelers.  We will look at demystifying some of the hot topics of Sustainable Travel and take a detailed look at Voluntourism, Orphanage tourism, and Animal Experiences in tourism to help inform you on providing more meaningful ways to travel to your customers.  Learn what you can do to educate world travellers and influence change for children, animals and the environment.

Perfomance Track

Work Life Balance
by Louise Gardiner, Coach, Former Sr.Director, Carson Wagonlit

Work Life Balance it's all about Time Management. To become a successful advisor you need to figure out what you want, know who you are selling to and align with key suppliers. It’s time to take your work day under control! Maintaining balance is key and in this session Louise Gardiner will explore the strategies of how to get the most out of your day while increasing your earning potential.


Operations Track

Fraud is Rising; Tips to Protect Your Travel Business
by Doreen Lynch, Director of Membership, ACTA

Join this informative session for an update on the travel industry’s focus with the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group. Of interest to owner / managers, front line counselors as well as independent travel agents, this session will provide an overview about fraud in the travel industry. Participants will receive current tips and suggestions as to what you can do to protect yourself and your travel business

Operations Track

Succession Planning: When Opportunity Knocks it's Too Late to Prepare - Owner/ Manager Only
by Doug Crozier, Partner at the Firm of Heifetz, Crozier and Law

Are you thinking of selling your Agency?  You may wake up one morning and say “That’s it!  I’m gonna sell!!”.  But it won’t likely happen that day, or that week, or that month.  Done properly and on the best terms, selling a Travel Agency requires time, and forward planning.
This session will highlight some of the things you can be deciding and doing NOW, well before that fateful morning.


4:00pm- 5:00pm General Session

Opportunity Cruise!
by Charles Sylvia, Vice President of Membership and Trade Relations, Cruise Lines International Association

Now, more than ever before, the global cruise industry is poised for growth of an unprecedented scale. In this informative keynote presentation, Charles Sylvia, ECC, Vice President of Membership and Trade Relations, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), will share the latest cruise industry data, consumer research, and recommended strategies to empower you to make the most out of the massive sales opportunity presented by cruise travel.  

Canadian Travel Industry Update - Challenges and Opportunities!
Wendy Paradis
, President, ACTA

ACTA / Air Canada Awards
Wendy Paradis
, President, ACTA

5:00 - 6:30pm Reception, Sponsored by the Jamaica Tourism Board

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

7:30 AM Registration/Information Opens

8:15am Continental Breakfast, Sponsored by Sabre

9:00am- 10:15am General Session

Welcome to Day 2!
by Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA

TMR Talk: Digital Marketing
by Ryan McElroy, CEO, Travel Agency Tribes

Learn from a master! Smart advice on successful ways to mix social media, content marketing and SEO and elevate your brand. 


How To Grow An Email List Of Perfect Clients That Will Grow Your Bank Balance
by Sandra McLemore, Travel Industry Expert & Host

Do you ever feel like you’re living client to client, kind of like pay check to pay check? When your traffic stalls, so will your revenue. And nobody wants a travel business like that. For your travel business to stop surviving, and start thriving (think 6 figure profit), you need to make list building your #1 priority in 2019 and 2020. 

In this session we are going to blow the lid off a genius strategy that you can implement immediately and for zero cost. We’ll show you how exactly a marketing funnel opens with a lead magnet, how to create a high converting lead magnet in order grow your email list, and then what to do with that list to close your sales. We’ll also highlight a case study of a solo travel advisor who grew their list from 12 people to 1200 in a matter of months, and then sent out a sequence of weekly emails culminating in one month of $418K of travel bookings. It’s not impossible, it’s intentional. 

Panel:  Sharing Best Practices in the Travel Industry!
Moderator: Anne Marie Moebes, Executive Vice President, Publisher of Travel Market Report
Jackie FriedmanCTE, CTIE, President, Nexion Travel Group
Zeina GedeonCEO, Travel Professionals International
Richard VanderlubbePresident and Co-Founder of
Nicole Mazza, Chief Marketing Officer, Travelsavers

Trade Show Tune-Up: Plan Your Pitch, Work Your Plan!
Anne Marie Moebes, Executive Vice President, Publisher of Travel Market Report

Get ready to engage, network and thrive! Tips on how to leverage your valuable time with our Suppliers!

10:30am- 12:30pm TRADE SHOW

Build the relationships that'll take your business to the next level!

Luncheon sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises & Regent Seven Seas Cruises


2:00pm-3:15pm General Session

The Power of Storytelling
by Eva Jenner,Vice President, Sales at Holland America Line and Seabourn

Have you crafted your story?  Stories are authentic human experiences and storytelling is one of the most powerful tools human beings have. We remember stories 22 times more than facts and figures alone. A pitch, a presentation, a plea – all stories. In fact, stories are a vital part of any business. Join Holland America Line’s Vice President of Sales, Eva Jenner, to learn the game changing power of storytelling and explore how stories can elevate how you connect with peers, clients and partners.

Panel Discussion: Technology for Advisors
Moderator: Tim Morgan, Director Business Strategy, Virtuoso
Ben Vinod, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at Sabre
Scott Rutz, Founding Team Member, Travefy
Cynthia Perry, CTC Global Director, Travel Industry Sales, Marriott International
Shalene Dudley, Owner/Lead Destination Wedding + Group Specialist, Latitude Concierge Travels, LTD

Advisors need tools and programs to help them stay one step ahead of their customers. Yet how do you choose which tools are best suited to saving you time and improving your efficiency? These visionaries in technology and consumer marketing programs will lead the way!Meet one very special Advisor that’s seen the light!  

3:15pm- 4:00pm  Break Out Rotation FOUR

Marketing Track

Travel Advisors Need PR, Too!
by Lynn Elmhirst, Canadian Editor, Travel Market Report, Dan McCarthy, Editor in Chief, Travel Market Report

What is PR, and how do you get it?  Whether you're an agency or Advisor, Public Relations is an essential tool in your marketing kit for both branding and customer acquisition. It's as important as a web site, social media, networking, ads, flyers or booths at shows. But PR may be the tool travel advisors understand and use the least.

In this workshop Lynn Elmhirst, travel journalist, content creator, Canadian Contributing Editor to the Travel Market Report and PR Expert, unveils the mysteries of PR and reveals that it's easier to accomplish than you might think.  She provides key tips and specific steps you can take towards getting PR working for your business, and together with Travel Market Report Editor Daniel McCarthy, provides insights into how working with media channels can add to your success.

Marketing Track

Instagram Mastermind 
by Ryan McElroy, CEO, Travel Agency Tribes

Instagram is about telling your personal and brand story through engaging pictures and videos. 
As travel advisors, we have some of the best material at our fingertips to do just that.

Learn 10 ways to accelerate your brand presence, get more attention from your desired audience and drive sales all from the palm of your hand.

Niche Track

Wellness Travel: A Growing Opportunity
by Anne Dimon, President & Publsher,Travel to Wellness

Wellness Tourism is predicted to become a $1 trillion global industry by 2022. This session will give you an overview of the industry including definitions, myths and misconceptions, what and who is driving demand, the results of the first Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) Wellness Travel survey and developing trends WTA members are witnessing. The session will also look at how to get started and how to find the right fit for your clients. Speaker Anne Dimon – journalist, Founder/Editor and Co-Founder/President & CEO of the Wellness Tourism Association has been walking, talking and writing about Wellness Travel since 2004.

Operations Track

by Doreen Lynch, Director of Membership, ACTA

Do you want to be seen by your clients as an expert? A TRUE professional?  Participating in this workshop will inspire you and provide insight, tips and strategies on how to leverage education and certification to enhance your professional brand and enable you to set yourself apart


Performance Track

Make More Money With Videos In Your Travel Business
by Anthony McLemore, Hollywood TV Producer and Director & Sandra McLemore, Travel Industry Expert, TV Personality & Travel MarketPlace Host

If you’ve been absolutely petrified of creating videos for your travel business or simply don’t know where to start, this is the session for you. Join Travel Industry Expert Sandra McLemore and veteran Hollywood television producer/director Anthony McLemore as they highlight the power of video for your travel business, why it’s important, and how it can bring in more sales. Whether it’s live-streaming or pre-recorded videos that you choose to do, the McLemore’s will teach you how to craft clear, concise, and effective messages to potential clients about you, your business, and the services that you offer. In addition, Sandra and Anthony will share with you all there is to know about being on camera from overcoming your fears and boosting confidence to developing good on camera presence as you speak directly to potential clients through video.  This fun and informative session will give you valuable tips that will help expand your reach to potential clients, spark more engagement with them, and help generate more sales for your travel business.

4:00pm- 5:00pm General Session & Closing Remarks

Keynote:  Breaking Through:  The Most Important Next Steps
by Geraldine Ree, Executive Director, Travel Market Report

Prizes and Exciting Announcements! 
Sandra McLemore,
Travel Industry Expert and Travel Market Place Host

ACTA Thank You
by Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA

Closing Remarks
Geraldine Ree
, Executive Director, Canada, Travel Market Report; Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA


I learned so much here. Finally I get Instagram. Great professionals speakers and talent. Everyone was so willing to share, it was wonderful.

Coreen Doucett The Travel Agent Next Door

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